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Janet is an award-winning author, news journalist, podcast host, teacher, and small group leader.

M. Huxley (Janet Huxley) wants to paint the planet with color, in stories that call the world to wonder. The supernatural kind with the power to influence hearts and change lives, highlighting the Spirit of God at work and a thinning veil for revelation!


Huxley believes we were all designed to share our testimonies, to empower one another in celebrating God’s devotion to us. We were each meant to add our own unique experiences of redemption to color the canvas of life this way.


The human heart craves redemption. It longs for liberating stories and promises kept and good to outweigh what isn’t. It’s what color is all about. 


Color promises us our happy endings, if we will only believe. 


There are rainbows to be found in the wilderness.


Huxley is an award-winning author and broadcast news anchor. She is the former operations director for the San Diego and Kansas City offices of Westwood One’s Metro Networks, and former twelve-year fitness instructor for 24-Hr. Fitness, prior to homeschooling her children on a farm and blogging therapeutically about the radical shift of a city woman’s heart on the unbroken plains of Kansas. Huxley and her husband Kevin have eight children, five grandchildren, and more livestock than she is willing to talk about, or than her children will allow her to admit to. She has a B.A. in Speech Communication from San Diego State University and a Master of Journalism from Temple University.


Her memoir, Milk and Honey Land: A Story of Grief, Grace, and Goats won the 2019 Author Academy Award for Best Memoir, and the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Christian – Non-Fiction genre. Her children’s book, Rainbow Land was a top ten finalist in the 2020 Author Elite Award contest.

Currently, Huxley is a morning news anchor on independent, conservative radio, the host of COLOR SPEAK: Unveiling Truth for Light podcast, teaches high school literature and world views classes at a private academy in Kansas City, and cares for livestock on her small Kansas farm. In her spare time, she reads classic literature and drinks coffee with her girls, and watches old movies on TCM with her husband.

Janet and Kevin with Their Eight Children and Five Grandchildren, June 2021

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— Award Winning


J.M. Huxley wants to paint the world in stories–those that call the world to revelation–the supernatural kind with the power to influence hearts and change lives, in places where the veil thins to reveal unearthly color and empowering brilliance as promise! J.M. Huxley’s books are available on Amazon and other popular retailers.

— Color Speak

Podcast Host

COLOR SPEAK is truth talk for relevance restoration, social influence, and dynamic purpose in all places and all seasons. It is a podcast designed to empower women to spiritual sight. It is a place for you to be encouraged to see beyond what is visible, an opportunity to understand the love of God as color, allowing you to be all you were meant to be.

— Professional


When you partner with Janet (J. M. Huxley), you are guaranteed a transparent, passionate, enthusiastic speaker in love with Jesus!  Janet is committed to empowering women of all ages to be assured of their sacred, God-given purpose in all seasons. Janet encourages others to see beyond what is visible, and to unveil truth for color.

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