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Enjoyable story about an interesting life well-lived.

A thoughtful reflection on the love and loss, Milk and Honey Land made me laugh, think, and count my blessings. The true story of one woman's journey to understanding, it is richly told with vivid imagery. Colorful and detailed prose style combined with a knack for revealing her inner life brings the author's moving and sometimes devastating story to life. A fascinating glimpse into one woman's journey through pain, loss, and into redemption.
Eric A. Duesing
Verified Amazon Purchaser - Milk & Honey Land

Skillfully written memoir with intriguing stories.

From a literary standpoint, this is one of the best books I have ever read. JM Huxley's command of the English language and unique storytelling style is stellar! It was especially meaningful to me because her Milk and Honey Land is about my home state of Kansas! I highly recommend it!
Rosemary Williams
Verified Amazon Purchaser - Milk & Honey Land

Beautifully written and illustration of Gods Love in a children’s Book.

A beautifully written and illustrated children's Book that shows us just how much God loves us and wants us to come to him and how he is the master of all things beautiful. the colorful pages and beautiful words will be a favorite of my grand daughters for years to come. The story is beautiful and teaches us that God can be found everywhere and that he wants us to bring all our questions and needs to him. Every page offers something new to teach and show to children. I love this book and plan to buy more for upcoming children's birthdays and baby showers. The book was delivered quickly and promptly!
Sherry Myers
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